2024 BMGA Foundation Fellows Program for African women.

2023 BMGA Foundation Fellows Program for African women.
2023 BMGA Foundation Fellows Program for African women.

2023 BMGA Foundation Fellows Program for African women.

The 2023 BMGA Fellows Program is a social impact initiative from the BMGA Foundation that aims to address the gender skills gap among university graduates in Africa and Asia. The goal of this six-month experiential learning programme is to give young women the knowledge, connections, and tools they need to develop the essential employability skills that will increase their marketability for a lucrative profession in the twenty-first century.
High-level professional development courses, mentoring from graduate students at top international universities, coaching from senior-level executives with international experience, and life skills designed to help young women get ready for the future of work are all offered through this entirely online programme.

Prerequisites for participation in the BMGA Foundation Fellows Program.

  1. Final-year students and professionals in their early careers with no more than three (3) years of experience working after college. Particularly encouraged to apply are women who attended tertiary institutions other than universities.
  2. Outstanding academic record: Candidates must have graduated first in their class or be in their last year of study with a cumulative or current grade point average (CGPA) [UK grade point system] of at least a B+.
  3. Candidates must be proficient in English speaking, writing, and reading.
  4. Candidates must regularly have access to the internet.
  5. Once chosen, participants engage in a rigorous six-month learning process that makes use of contemporary technological tools and resources to support transformational learning. The curriculum includes of courses taught by professors, industry experts, and thought leaders from prestigious universities throughout the world. Participants are able to get fresh insights into the abilities necessary for the dynamic business world through the use of live seminars, group discussions, and other learning tools.

The procedure for selection

The selection committee chooses high-potential women who are early-career professionals or students in their last year of tertiary education to take part in an intensive Fellowship after a rigorous open application procedure.
Finally, the selection committee for the BMGA Foundation uses its expertise to evaluate each application, and its decision is final.

To submit an application, click here.

Due date: March 10, 2023

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