2024 WTO Essay Award

2023 WTO Essay Award
2023 WTO Essay Award

2023 WTO Essay Award (CHF 5,000 Prize & Funded to the annual meeting of the European Trade Study Group).

Young economists can certainly submit articles for the 2023 WTO Essay award by the WTO. The prize seeks to strengthen ties between the academic community and the WTO while fostering top-notch research on global trade collaboration and trade policy.

The WTO [world trade organization] performs a variety of functions, some of which include maintaining an international system of trade laws, serving as a venue for the negotiation of trade agreements, resolving trade disputes among its members, and assisting developing nations.

Eligibility Criteria For The WTO Essay Award

The topic of the essay must be trade policy and global trade cooperation. The author(s) of the manuscript must hold a PhD or be working toward one, and if they are over 30, they must not have completed their PhD defense more than two years ago.

This criterion section applies to all authors of coauthored papers. Essays must not be more than 15,000 words to be eligible for the award.


The winner(s) of the yearly WTO Essay Prize get a cash award of CHF 5,000. If a manuscript is co-authored, the award will be split equally between the authors.

The largest conference devoted to international trade, the European Trade Study Group (ETSG) annual meeting, will be where the winning paper is formally presented. The award presentation will take place at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom from September 14–16, 2023. The winning author gets coverage for the meeting’s expenses.

Application Deadline

Consequently, the application deadline of the 2023 WTO essay is 2 June 2023.

Selection Committee

An academic selection panel choses the winning article. The panel consists of:

  1. Professor Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford)
  2. Professor Robert Staiger (Dartmouth College)
  3. Professor Alberto Trejos (INCAE Business School).

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