Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modelling at Next Einstein Forum 2024

Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modelling at Next Einstein Forum 2023.
Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modelling at Next Einstein Forum 2023.

Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modelling at Next Einstein Forum 2023.

With the Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modelling, MaModAfrica Consortium is offering eight fully supported spots in this distinguished new PhD programme. As part of partnerships with universities and research organisations across Africa and the world, the majority of the students hired will be stationed in our three focal countries (Rwanda, Benin, and Mozambique). Future African modellers who will have an impact on academia, industry, education, and government will be trained through this programme.

Qualifications for the Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Scholarship Program in Malaria Modeling

  1. An advanced degree, or an equivalent (completed by Sept 2023) in pertinent quantitative areas (e.g., mathematics, statistics, computer science, engineering, physics, bioinformatics, econometrics, infectious disease epidemiology).
  2. Research potential as demonstrated by academic achievement and participation in pertinent academic activities.
  3. An advantage includes having African nationality, citizenship, or permanent residence in the target country.
  4. Language ability in the focus nation or countries’ native tongue.
  5. Strong communication and writing abilities.
  6. Ability and Willingness to Travel (training courses, collaborations, conferences)
    Female aspirants can apply.

About the Program

  1. African countries are eligible.
  2. Type: PhD
  3. Focal countries: Mozambique, Benin, or Rwanda
  4. 8 awards total.
  5. Program duration: three years

Benefits of Africa Malaria Modeling Scholarship Program Award:

  • 100% financed (stipend, equipment, health insurance, relocation costs, conference attendance, direct cost to graduating institution such as tuition fees and registration fees).
  • Internationally renowned research institutions’ international supervision teams
    subjects for study that push the limits of malaria modelling
    Starting in October 2023.

Approach to Application

  • The Google online form is used to submit the application. To submit your application, you must have a Gmail account.
  • Please make sure to get the following files in pdf format ready before beginning the application process:
  1. Current resume (two pages maximum, 10MB maximum size).
  2. Academic transcripts (Bachelor’s and Master’s level, all in one pdf, 10MB maximum size), as well as the following details:
  • Names, organisations, and email addresses of two people who can write letters of support if MaModAfrica requests them.
  • What inspired you to pursue a doctorate in general? You can also describe your future job plans here (1500 characters maximum).
  • Choice of themes (maximum of two topics with rankings, or your own topic)
  • Which research axes are you most interested in, and why? Explain why you are qualified to do this type of research. In this section, you can additionally explain why you selected the study topic you did (3500 characters maximum)
  • Other sources of funding (if any)
    You have the option to select to have a summary email of your application sent to your Gmail account after submission. Up until the call’s deadline, you can update your application.

For more information visit the website.
Deadline for Applications: March 17, 2023

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