Call for Nominations For The 2024 World Food Prize Laureate

Call for Nominations For The 2024 World Food Prize Laureate
Call for Nominations For The 2024 World Food Prize Laureate

Call for Nominations For The 2024 World Food Prize Laureate.

The World Food Prize($250000-prize) is given for a particular, extraordinarily noteworthy individual accomplishment that contributes to human development. Done by demonstrating an improvement in the quantity, quality, availability, or accessibility of food through innovative interventions at any point throughout the entire food system.
Achievements have been made in a variety of fields, such as soil and land science, plant and animal science, food science and technology, nutrition, rural development, marketing, food processing, packaging, and storage, water and environment, natural resource conservation, physical infrastructure, transportation, and distribution, special or extraordinary feeding programmes, social organisation and poverty elimination, economics and finance, policy analysis and implementation, and public administration.

The selection process for the 2024 World Food Prize Laureate

It must be demonstrated that this very noteworthy accomplishment significantly increased the quantity, quality, accessibility, or availability of food for a large number of people.
This accomplishment’s influence must be discernible, quantifiable, or otherwise demonstrated. This can be done either by decreased hunger, poverty, or suffering, or through improved health, nutrition, quality of life, and well-being.

  1. It must be demonstrated unequivocally that the nominee’s precise actions and activities contributed to the improvement in food security. Otherwise, nothing would have changed.
  2. A nominee must be present at the World Food Prize Award Ceremony and be alive and in good health. At the time of the Award Ceremony, the nominee must be able to deliver an acceptance speech and consent. This enables the nominee to take part in specific media activities as well as the WFPGYI.
  3. The Prize is for just one winner. More than one person may be nominated in unusual cases. This happens, if an additional individual (or persons) has participated in a crucial way. Yet, it must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that each person made a significant contribution. Also, that none of the accomplishments would have been achieved without their efforts.
  4. If the World Food Prize Selection Committee determines that a joint candidature does not meet these requirements, it may limit the number of nominees.

Due date: May 1, 2023

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