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chevening scholarship

You probably want to know where and how to apply for fully financed scholarships . The good news is that you can receive a fully financed scholarship from Chevening to study any course you choose at any Chevening eligible University. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of chevening and its scholarship.

What is a chevening scholarship?

An international scholarship program offered by the UK government called Chevening is
supported by partner organizations and the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development office. The goal of this scholarship is to recognize individuals with exceptional leadership and persuasion abilities globally and to foster confidence in your ideas while providing you with the knowledge, connections, and drive to make them a reality. The Chevening funds also enable students to spend time studying in the UK and earn a UK-based academic credential.

What does the chevening scholarship cover?

For those who are awarded a Chevening scholarship, there are many benefits. The scholarship includes many things, including

1. Tuition for university education
2. Monthly payment
3. An allowance for arrival
4. One visa applications fee
5. Cost of travel to and from the UK
6. An allowance for returning home
7. An expense-paid trip to UK chevening events.

Who are those eligible for the scholarship?

1. The U.S. and the EU are the only two countries that are not eligible for the chevening
scholarship. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a citizen of one of the 160 countries listed as eligible for the program.
2. Possess an undergraduate degree that includes all requirements necessary for
admission to a postgraduate program. It may require having a 2:1 honors degree or less
depending on your course.
3. Accept to spend at least two years in your nation of origin after your scholarship has
4. Have least two years of working experience or 2,800 hours of work experience
5. Apply to three different qualified UK university programs, and before the deadline,
receive an unconditional offer from one of your top choices.
6. Show that you have the personal, intellectual, and interpersonal qualities necessary to
succeed in assuming leadership and influence.

What are the details of the program?

Application: In August 2023, applications for the 2023–2024 cycle will be accepted.
Study level: master’s
Awards totaling 2 (scholarships and fellowships)
Country of study: UK
Duration: 2 years, although it will depend on the curriculum.
Programs: all taught postgraduate courses                                                          Studying style: full-time

Work experience eligible for the program

1. Regular employment
2. Temporary employment
3. Voluntary work(volunteering)
4. Internships, whether paid or unpaid

How to apply for the chevening scholarship

1. Visit the official website , select your nation, and then select “Chevening Scholarship”
2. Create a profile
3. Enter your personal data, save the information, and then verify your profile.
4. Completing the quiz will ensure your eligibility for the scholarship.
5. Fill out the application with the necessary information and documentation, including your English language proficiency, conditional offers for the courses you want to take,
unconditional offers, references, your passport, and your ID.
We hope this article will be a guide to help you know more about the Chevening scholarships.

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