How to Generate a VNIN (Virtual NIN)

How to Generate a VNIN (Virtual NIN)
How to Generate a VNIN (Virtual NIN)

In today’s digital age, the need for secure and efficient identification methods has become more crucial than ever. The advent of Virtual National Identification Numbers (VNINs) presents a promising solution to streamline and enhance the identification process. In this blog post, we will explore what VNINs are, their benefits, and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to generate your own VNIN.

What are Virtual NINs

A Virtual National Identification Number (VNIN) is a unique identifier that serves the same purpose as a traditional National Identification Number (NIN), but it exists in a virtual or digital form. VNINs are designed to facilitate secure online transactions, digital services, and various other activities that require identity verification

How to Generate Virtual NIN for Sim Card Registration.

There are mainly two ways that VNIN can be generated and they are: Via the use of USSD code and the use of MWS Mobile ID app.

USSD Code Method

To generate a Virtual National Identification Number (VNIN) through the USSD code, an enterprise ID is necessary. Here are the enterprise IDs corresponding to each telecom company.

Telco Enterprises Agent Code/Enterprise IDs
Airtel 121097
MTN 109071
GLO 547789
9mobile 970611
you can find these IDs on NIMC mobile ID app

Steps To Generate Virtual NIN

  • Dial *346#
  • Enter option 3 (Virtual NIN)
  • Enter your 11 digit NIN number
  • Input the enterprise ID also known as Agent code

Alternatively, you can dial a one time code in the format: *346*3*NIN*Enterprise code# e.g *346*3*12345678900*970611#

Upon request, your Virtual National Identification Number (VNIN) will be sent to you via SMS. Please note that there is a charge of N20 for each VNIN generated through USSD. While generating multiple VNINs is permitted, it is essential to utilize the previously generated VNIN before making another request. Failure to use the previously generated VNIN will lead to the system displaying the same VNIN as before, and the N20 charge will remain applicable.

In uncommon instances, an error message such as “RECORD NOT FOUND” may appear when attempting to generate a Virtual NIN. This error occurs if the submitted NIN for VNIN generation does not exist in the system. It is recommended to carefully check the 11-digit NIN number and ensure accurate input. If the error persists, it indicates that your NIN itself is invalid and requires validation. For assistance, kindly visit the nearest NIMC office.

Generating Virtual NIN with MWS Mobile ID App

You can also generate your VNIN with NIMC mobile App.

Steps to follow

  • Install the App from Google play Store or App store
  • Login the app with your 11 Digit NIN number
  • Confirm OTP sent to the Phone number linked to your NIN. i.e during NIN enrollment
  • Enter any 6 digit Pin of your choice and confirm the pin as well.
  • Enter the same pin to login
  • Click on get Virtual NIN
  • Click on Search approved enterprises
  • Select the enterprise to generate VNIN

How to Generate a VNIN via USSD

Generating a VNIN through USSD is a straightforward process, requiring just your phone and the enterprise’s short code:

  1. Acquire the Enterprise Short Code: Obtain this from the organization requiring your VNIN.
  2. Dial the USSD Code: Use the format *346*3*Your NIN*EnterpriseCode#. Replace “Your NIN” with your actual NIN number and the “Enterprise shortcode” with the code provided by the organization.
  3. Receive Your VNIN: If successful, the VNIN code will appear on your screen. Copy it without leaving spaces.

Before you proceed, check, the Enterprise IDs for MTN, GLO, Airtel, 9mobile and Others.

Generating VNIN on the NIMC Mobile App

For a more digital approach, use the NIMC mobile app to generate your VNIN:

  1. Download and Launch the App: Available for Android and iOS devices.
  2. Log In: Enter your PIN on the lock screen.
  3. Select ‘GET VIRTUAL NIN’: Find this option in the home menu.
  4. Read the Data Privacy Agreement: Ensure you understand the terms.
  5. Start the Generation Process: Click the “+” button and choose “Type Enterprise’s ID”.
  6. Enter Enterprise ID: For example, Youverify’s agent ID is 471335.
  7. Receive Your VNIN: The app will generate a VNIN specifically for the enterprise.
  8. Verification Notification: You will be informed once the enterprise completes the verification process.

To facilitate your VNIN generation, here’s a list of shortcodes for some commonly interacted enterprises:

  • MTN: 109071
  • Airtel: 121097
  • GLOBACOM Limited: 547789
  • NTEL: 132993
  • 9Mobile: 970611
  • Mainline Digitech Innovations: 696739 (WAEC uses this)
  • JAMB: 004186
  • LUNO: 0048395
  • Nigeria Police Force (Interpol): 016058
  • Nigeria Police Force (Forensic Unit): 126217
  • Quidax: 0407776
  • Opay: 0625027
  • Branch International Financial Services: 0631361
  • FRSC: 072211
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank: 8752557
  • VFS Global: 105291
  • National Pension Commission: 113008
  • Paxful: 1198927
  • FIRS: 121125
  • Ecobank: 1713150
  • Etranzact: 206244
  • SMILE Communication: 272289
  • Nigeria Immigration Service: 291405
  • Guaranty Trust Bank: 292968
  • Zenith Bank: 3436648
  • Fairmoney: 5625695
  • Nigeria Airforce: 580163
  • First Bank: 7159715
  • United Bank of Africa: 847643
  • Kuda: 8516761
  • Access Bank: 9331361

(FAQs) on how to generate a Virtual National Identification Number (VNIN)

What is a VNIN (Virtual NIN)?

A VNIN, or Virtual National Identification Number, is a digital counterpart to the traditional National Identification Number (NIN). It is designed to facilitate secure online transactions and identity verification.

How can I generate a VNIN?

The process for generating a VNIN may vary by country. Typically, you need to visit the official website of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) or a relevant authority, complete an online registration form, and follow the specified steps.

 Is there a fee for generating a VNIN?

Yes, there may be a fee associated with generating a VNIN. It’s important to check with the relevant authorities or the official website for information on any applicable charges.

 Can I generate multiple VNINs?

Yes, in most cases, you can generate multiple VNINs if needed. However, it’s essential to use the previously generated VNIN before requesting another to avoid any issues.

What happens if I don’t use the previously generated VNIN?

If you fail to use the previously generated VNIN before requesting another, the system may display the same VNIN, and any associated charges may still apply.

 Can I request my VNIN through SMS?

Yes, some systems allow the delivery of the VNIN through SMS upon request. Check with the relevant authorities for the specific procedures and any associated charges.

What should I do if I encounter an error message like “RECORD NOT FOUND” during VNIN generation?

A7: If you encounter such an error, it may indicate that the submitted NIN for VNIN generation does not exist in the system. Carefully check the 11-digit NIN number for accuracy. If the error persists, it might suggest that your NIN itself is invalid, and you may need to visit the nearest NIMC office for assistance.

Can I use the VNIN for online transactions and services?

Yes, one of the purposes of the VNIN is to facilitate secure online transactions and digital services. Once generated, you can use the VNIN for various online activities that require identity verification.


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