Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship (OKP) 2024/2025 | Full Application Guide

Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship (OKP) 2023/2024 | Full Application Guide
Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship (OKP) 2023/2024 | Full Application Guide

The Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship (OKP) stands as a scholarship initiative originated and financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and overseen in collaboration with Nuffic and Dutch educational institutions. This scholarship’s primary goal is to enhance the capacity, knowledge, and excellence of both individuals and institutions engaged in higher and vocational education.

The Orange Knowledge Programme presents scholarships backed by the Dutch government via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, catering to the following options:

– Short courses (ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months in duration)
– Master’s programs (spanning 12 to 24 months)

Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship 2023/24 | Eligibility Criteria

This scholarship aids driven professionals, both male and female, who:

– Exhibit strong motivation
– Reside and work within an OKP country
– Possess proficiency in English or French
– Engage in sectors of high priority for their home country
– Demonstrate the intention to apply and disseminate acquired knowledge and experience within their employing institution post-studies
– Agree to adhere to OKP’s stipulated responsibilities and terms
– Hold proficiency in English or French languages
– Enroll in studies aligned with their respective OKP country’s priority themes
– Present an employer’s statement showcasing support for the applicant’s pursuit

For more information, refer to: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship to Study in Germany 2023-2024| APPLY NOW

Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship | Application Guide

Interested applicants for the OKP Scholarship are to apply through the Dutch education institution of their choice by following the procedures outlined (below):

  1. Check if your application falls within the OKP focus areas determined for your country.
  2. Check if you meet the OKP eligibility criteria.
  3. Find a course on the OKP course list. Please find a study, using the filter ‘Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)’.
  4. Ask your employer whether they are willing to nominate you for an OKP scholarship.
  5. Contact the Dutch education institution of your choice to receive more information about the application procedure, the academic requirements and the link to apply online.
  6. Prepare your application: employer statement, motivation, passport, government statement (if required).
  7. During an application round, submit your application online using the link you receive from the Dutch education institution. Please be aware of the application deadline of the educational institution of your choice.
  8. You may be eligible for an OKP scholarship if you are a national of and working in: Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, Yemen and Zambia.

Application Deadlines

Interested applicants for the OKP Scholarship 2023/24 can only apply for a scholarship during an open application round. Applicants will have to check the application round available at the time of their application.

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