Sure Opportunity For African Teachers In The UK, Via The UK Qualified Teacher Status

UK Qualified Teacher Status
UK Qualified Teacher Status


You may have heard of the legal requirement to teach in the UK, as Nigerian, however, you may not know how to get about it. Well, fortunately, this piece will expose all you need to do, and how to get qualified teacher status in UK.

So What do you need to be eligible for the UK QTS?

Provided you’re a qualified teacher, you can teach in the UK without the teacher qualified status for up to four years. However, you will eventually need to get certified after that. The qualification makes it easier for you to get UK teaching jobs with visa sponsorships.

Overall, you just need 6 core credits in WASSCE or GSSCE, to qualify, and a Bachelor’s degree, which is becoming increasingly important, due to competition.

So as long as you’re a certified teacher, with a little teaching experience, you can apply for a UK-qualified teacher status. For more details on the requirements, you can visit the UK’s Official Education Handle to get clarity.

What does the UK need?

The United Kingdom has recently been more specific with its requirements. These requirements vary with each year, so you may have to keep up with Tedinfos (internals link to subscription) to stay informed. However for 2023, the following specifications have been spelt out by the UK government.

Specialists in Languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc
Specialists in Sciences and Mathematics
Teaching qualification for 11-16 year olds

And Personnel from the following African countries;

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe

Others include

  • Jamaica
  • India
  • Singapore

Note, you do not need to visit the UK or partake in any further training to apply. All you have to do is visit the Official UK education QTS Niche to get started with eligibility and the registration.

Final Words

The UK teacher qualified teacher status may be your starting point to a UK job with Visa sponsorship. But some may beg the question, can I teach in the uk, without qts? While the answer is a big yes, the qualified teacher status in UK will certainly up your chances ultimately.

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