Top 3 Lucrative Skills Nigerians Should Learn Before Moving to Canada, USA and UK

Top 3 Lucrative Skills Nigerians Should Learn Before Moving to Canada, USA and UK
Top 3 Lucrative Skills Nigerians Should Learn Before Moving to Canada, USA and UK

Top 3 Lucrative Skills: Many young Nigerians are eager to embark on a journey abroad, often referred to as ‘Japa,’ primarily driven by economic aspirations. This trend contributes to the brain drain dilemma in the country, as they seek to relocate in pursuit of enhanced opportunities for success. However, those who have already made the move to live and work abroad often share a less glamorous reality than initially perceived. They frequently advise prospective migrants to acquire specific skills before venturing to countries like the USA, Canada, or the UK.

These skills can encompass digital proficiencies or crafts that render individuals employable and valuable in various industries abroad. This is because some of these foreign nations face shortages of skilled workers to fill positions that are consistently in high demand, crucial for bolstering their economies.

In this era, it is essential to recognize that skill acquisition holds as much importance as any other consideration when contemplating international travel. This article explores three lucrative skills that Nigerians should prioritize learning before embarking on their journey abroad, to increase their chances of thriving and achieving their goals.

1. Hairstyling and Barbing Skills

Nigerians migrating to the United States of America, Canada or even the UK having these skills will have their stars to thank because of the flexibility that comes with having to work as a hairstylist or as a barber abroad. Individuals possessing these skills can easily combine this job with other jobs if need be.

According to a certain report, to braid one’s hair in the USA could cost up between N113,000 to N195k while in Canada, it could cost an average of N80,000. The cost of barbing could be up to 38k (40$) for men while women may pay up to 190$ for cut, coloring and styling in the US.

This is an indication that people with these skills can make good money in Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

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2. Fashion Designing in Canada and UK

Another very lucrative skill to learn as a Nigerian while preparing to relocate to Canada, USA or the UK is fashion design. This is because there is shortage of fashion designers who can play around African designs in these countries. For instance, it is reported that to make a simple flared dress could cost about N65K in the UK excluding the price of the fabric.

Fashion designing skills could therefore be very lucrative considering the fact that there are already high demand for this skill abroad and very limited supply of those with the skill.

3. Driving in Canada, USA and UK

The ability to drive professionally and being in possession of a valid driver’s license could be what will put food on your table while relocating to Canada, USA and the UK. This is one of the skill that is being neglected but highly sought after abroad. A report by Talent shows that a taxi driver in the United Kingdom could earn up to an equivalent of N17k per hour. Indeed reports that that taxi drivers in Canada could make as much as an equivalent of N10k per hour while providing this service in Canada.

Apart from taxi driving, being able to drive heavy duty machines is one of the very important skill to learn  as the pay per hour may be higher than driving a cab in Canada, USA or the United Kingdom. Heavy duty machine drivers are highly sought after by companies who would even add commissions to their regular pay just to motivate them.

Other skills that are lucrative and should be acquired as a Nigerian before traveling abroad includes:

  • Cooking and Cleaning
  • ICT skills
  • Artisanal skills such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, brick-laying, electricians, etc.
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