University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships| How To Apply

University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships
University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships

University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships funding towards tuition fees for
international postgraduates studying accounting and finance.
There are four £13,000 scholarships and eight £6,500 scholarships available. These grants
must be applied to the tuition for the Business School’s one-year master’s program in accounting and finance.

University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships
University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships


You are eligible if you:

● You have submitted an application to begin one of the accredited MSc accounting and
finance programs in September 2023.
● MSc in Finance and Accounting, Management MSc
● Banking, Regulation, and Financial Stability MSc

Application Procedure for the University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships

● Apply via the online form for overseas scholarships.
● The terms and conditions for all overseas scholarships offered by the University of
Bristol are the same as the application process. Before trying to apply, review the terms
and conditions.
● Visit their official website. Both postgraduate and undergraduate applicants must
complete separate application forms. Make sure to fill out the appropriate form.
● The application form must be finished in one sitting. This is final once you click “submit”
and you cannot go back and change it.
● A confirmation email that your application was received will be sent to you. Please
ensure that you check your garbage or spam folder if you do not get this.
● You might need to switch your phone to desktop mode if you’re filling out the form on a mobile phone in order to see all the contents.

Deadline for the University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships

On Monday, April 24, 2023, applications will stop at 10 AM (UK time). The shortlisted
candidates will then be notified on or prior to May 21, 2023.

Personal Information and Application Information.

Below are the documents and information required for provision by the University of Bristol Accounting and Finance scholarships
You will need to provide:
● Your Name
● Your Student ID (if you are a postgraduate student, a current International Foundation
Programme participant in the Center for Academic Language & Development, or if
you’ve applied through the Global Transfer Program), your UCAS ID (if you’re an
undergraduate student), or your Kaplan ID (if you’re a KICL student).
● Your Nationality
● The academic program or course for which you have previously applied (you must have
applied to a course or programme to be eligible for scholarship opportunities).
● Your Email Address (please make sure it is current and accessible throughout the year
as this is how you will be contacted)
● Your country of permanent residency (this is the country you are resident in, not a
country that you are only living in for the purpose of education)
● Your most recently completed or current educational setting.
● Specifics on any additional funding you have requested or are expected to receive.

Application-Specific Queries

You must respond to the following three questions. Each question may contain up to 200 words and is worth a maximum of 10 marks.
For applicants to undergraduate and graduate programs, the questions are different. Verify that you have chosen the appropriate academic level before responding to the application’s pertinent questions. Incorrectly answered questions will prevent applicants from being evaluated.

Some of the questions are:
1. Specify any unique qualities or achievements that, in your opinion, make you worthy of a scholarship.

2. Give an instance of a time you recently made a contribution to your community. This could be the neighborhood where you reside, your school or institution, or another community to which you feel connected.
3. Describe how attending the University of Bristol for your chosen program has helped you
“Think Big” and create your post-graduation plans.

Scholarships Covered by the Application Process

You will be given consideration for all of the following scholarships and bursaries when you submit the application.

1. Think Big undergraduate awards
2. Global Economics undergraduate scholarships
3. Global Accounting and Finance undergraduate scholarships
4. School of Policy studies international undergraduate scholarships
5. Think Big bursaries for sciences

1. Think Big postgraduate awards
2. Global Economics postgraduate scholarships
3. Global Accounting and Finance postgraduate scholarships
4. Future Leaders postgraduate scholarships
5. Michael Wong Pakshong bursary
6. Phyllis Mary Morris bursaries
7. School of Policy Studies postgraduate international scholarships

For more information visit the

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