NSFAS Consent Form 2024

NSFAS Consent Form 2024
NSFAS Consent Form 2024

The NSFAS consent form is a requisite document for students seeking financial aid through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in South Africa. It is a crucial agreement wherein students grant NSFAS permission to collect, process, and share their personal information for the purpose of assessing eligibility for financial aid and managing funding.

To submit the 2024 NSFAS Consent Form, you can choose between two main methods: online submission through the NSFAS Portal or manual submission by mail or hand delivery. Here’s a guide for each option.

While the specific language of the NSFAS consent form may vary based on the application year, it generally encompasses the following key sections:

  1. Statement of Purpose: The form begins with a clear statement outlining its purpose.
  2. Types of Personal Information: A detailed list enumerating the types of personal information that NSFAS will gather from the student.
  3. Third-Party Sharing: A list specifying the third parties with whom NSFAS may share the student’s personal information.
  4. Student’s Rights: The form outlines the student’s rights, including the right to access and correct their personal information, as well as the right to withdraw their consent.

The 2024 NSFAS Consent Form comprises two distinct sections:

  1. Disclaimer and Signature of the Applicant: This initial section requires the applicant to acknowledge that applying does not guarantee funding. Additionally, it mandates confirmation of the accuracy of all provided information and an understanding of the consequences associated with furnishing false information.
  2. Declaration by Parent/Guardian or School Principal: The second section necessitates completion by either the parent/guardian or school principal. They are required to affirm the accuracy of the information provided by the student to the best of their knowledge. This dual confirmation ensures the integrity of the application process.

Visit the NSFAS Website

Select Application Cycle

  • Choose the “2024 Funding” application cycle.

Account Creation or Login

  •  Create a new account if you haven’t applied for NSFAS funding before.
  •  Log in if you already have an existing account.

Complete Online Application

  •  Fill out the online application form.

NSFAS Consent Form Section

  •  When you reach the “Consent Form” section, you will have the option to upload a scanned copy of your signed Consent Form.

Save a Copy

  • Ensure you save a digital copy of the signed form for your records.

Submit Application

  • Submit your completed application online.

Manual Submission by Mail or Hand Delivery

Download Consent Form

Print and Fill Out

  • Print the form and fill it out by hand.


  • Sign the form in the presence of a commissioner of oaths or another authorized witness.

Make a Copy

  • Make a photocopy of the signed form for your personal records.

Submission Options

  • Mail the form to the NSFAS office at Private Bag X1, Maitland, 7507, South Africa.
  • Alternatively, hand-deliver it to your nearest NSFAS service point. You can find the nearest service points here.


Read and Understand the Consent Form

  • Before signing the NSFAS Consent Form, carefully read and ensure you fully understand its contents. If you have any questions or concerns, seek clarification from NSFAS or relevant authorities. It’s essential to be informed about the implications of granting consent for the collection, processing, and sharing of your personal information.

Retain a Copy of the Signed Form

After signing the Consent Form, make a copy for your personal records. This copy serves as a reference and can be valuable in case you need to review the terms and conditions at a later date. Having a duplicate ensures that you have documented proof of your agreement.

Submit Your Application Early

  •  To avoid missing the application deadline, submit your NSFAS application as early as possible. Early submission provides a buffer in case there are unforeseen issues or additional requirements. This proactive approach ensures that your application is processed in a timely manner, increasing the likelihood of meeting all necessary deadlines.

Application Deadline for 2024 NSFAS

  •  The deadline for submitting the 2024 NSFAS application is January 31, 2024. It is crucial to adhere to this deadline to ensure that your application is considered. Late submissions may result in your application not being processed or considered for financial aid. Be mindful of this date and plan accordingly to complete and submit all required documents on time.
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