How To Use The SRD Grant Appeal Link | Sassa Appeal

How To Use The SRD Grant Appeal Link | Sassa Appeal
How To Use The SRD Grant Appeal Link | Sassa Appeal

In the event that your SRD Grant application is denied, and you believe there may be an error, you have the option to appeal the decision. We provide comprehensive details on the appeal process to maximize your chances of success. To initiate an appeal, first conduct a Sassa status check to understand the specific reason for the denial of the R350 grant.

Millions of vulnerable individuals in South Africa, in need of financial assistance akin to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, face challenges. Sassa reports that a substantial number of applicants for the R350 grant are turned down each month, leaving many without the much-needed relief.

Sassa Appeals

Individuals whose applications for the R350 grant are rejected have the option to appeal Sassa’s decision. It is crucial to be aware that the appeals process for the R350 grant has undergone changes.

The modifications to the SRD grant extend beyond amendments to the grant’s legislation and eligibility criteria; they also include adjustments to the procedure for appealing a declined R350 grant application.

The oversight of appeals concerning the SRD R350 grant is now under the jurisdiction of the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals, appointed by the Minister of Social Development (DSD).

SRD Grant Requirements 

To be eligible for the social relief of distress grant, applicants must fulfill specific criteria outlined on the SRD Sassa website. The R350 grant is open to South Africans aged 18 to 59 who lack an alternative source of income, implying that they are not receiving a salary or other grants from Sassa. The eligibility criteria are clear and straightforward.

Following the submission of an application form with personal details to avail Sassa’s Social Relief of Distress grant, it is advisable to conduct a Sassa status check to ensure a successful submission.

If Sassa rejects an application and a dispute arises regarding the decision, the initial step is to initiate an appeal. The appeal process for all social assistance appeals is conveniently accessible electronically, allowing applicants to easily monitor their appeal status.

Application Process For The SRD R350 Grant

To apply for the SRD R350 grant online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the SRD Sassa website at
  • Select your citizenship criteria,
  • choosing between ‘South African ID Holders’ or ‘Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders.’
  • Click on the yellow bar labeled ‘click here to apply online’ under the relevant section. Enter your mobile number.
  • Click “send SMS.”
  • Input the one-time pin sent by Sassa to your number.
  • Finalize the application process by providing the necessary details.

To check the status of your Sassa application for the R350 Grant:

Sassa SRD Status Check Guide

  • Visit the SRD Sassa website.
  • Navigate to ‘Application status‘ by scrolling down.
  • Select ‘Click here to check online.’
  • Complete the necessary fields as prompted.
  • You can now access the status of your R350 grant application.

Initiating an appeal for the SRD R350 Grant:

Submitting An SRD Appeal Guide 

  • Go to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) website.
  • Provide your identification number.
  • Enter the cell phone number used during the application process.
  • Click “Send Pin.”
  • Upon receiving the pin, enter it and click “Submit.”
  • Specify the month for which you are filing the appeal.
  • Select the reason for your appeal from the available options.
  • Click “Submit” to finalize the appeal application.
  • To check the status of your R350 Grant Appeal:

Sassa Grant Appeal Status Check 

It is important to emphasize that the social relief grant, often known as the R350 grant, does not adhere to a fixed payment date. Sassa approves grant applications, and beneficiaries are informed through messages when their payments are ready for collection.

After the approval of an appeal following a successful Sassa SRD status check, payments will commence starting from the month of the initial application, contingent on bank verification. Ensure that your precise bank account details are updated with Sassa to receive the grant payment directly.

If you find yourself not receiving a Sassa grant that you believe you qualify for, you have the option to submit a grant appeal to Sassa.

For assistance in checking your appeal status, we provide a comprehensive guide to the Sassa appeal process. Additionally, a video detailing the steps of the Sassa appeal process is available.

After submitting your appeal to Sassa, it is essential to regularly check the status of your appeal.

Sassa SRD Grant Banking Details

For those who need to update their Sassa banking details, including details for the SRD grant, comprehensive information is available. Given that the grant undergoes re-approval monthly, it is crucial to ensure the accuracy of your banking information with Sassa; otherwise, the grant may not be disbursed. It is important to note that the bank account must be in your own name, as grants cannot be deposited into another individual’s account. All the necessary details can be found in our Sassa banking details.

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