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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme said it was all systems go to fund eligible scholars for the 2024 academic time and scholars have now been informed of the outgrowth of their bursary requests. Request for funding through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme( Nsfas) has been closed for 2024.

Nsfas entered further than one million backing requests for 2024 and a aggregate of 941 491 scholars who submitted bursary requests were approved.

All aspirants have been encouraged to check their bursary requests status as it’ll inform them whether they’re being funded for the 2024 academic time or whether any fresh information is needed to reuse their operation.

The scheme says that the scholars will admit either one of the following request issues

Request/Application Approved

This implies that a scholars operation has been reused and according to the Nsfas backing criteria they’re provisionally approved for backing.

Once the public universities or TVET council scholars are registered at submits valid academic enrollment data, the scheme will make payments toward their studies.

Request Unprofitable

This Request status means that a pupil’s Request for the Nsfas bursary has been reused. still, according to the backing criteria, the pupil doesn’t meet one or further of the conditions for backing.

scholars can check their operation status via their my Nsfas accounts, emails and dispatches via SMS to the cell phone number handed during the operation process.

aspirants can now also connect with the scheme via WhatsApp on 0785198006 and USSD law using * 120 * 67327#.

Unprofitable aspirants are reminded that they can appeal the backing decision via their myNsfas accounts and prayers can be lodged within 30 days of entering the operation results.

Nsfas says that of the R47.6 billion budget for 2024, universities would admit R38.6 billion while R8.9 billion was allocated to Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) sodalities.

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