NSFAS Student Loans and Bursaries in South Africa

NSFAS Loans and Bursaries for scholars in South Africa
The National Student Financial Aid Scheme( NSFAS) assists scholars who retain the academic capability to succeed at university and who qualify in terms of the NSFAS Means Test for fiscal help. It covers all the costs of your studies at any of the 24 public universities that are available in South Africa. The support/scholarship includes hearthstone or private casing costs, education, transport, food, and books.

NSFAS is a bursary scheme which provides poor and working class South African scholars. It is with completely subsidized free advanced education and training. NSFAS’s vision is to feeds scholars from poor and working class families with fiscal aid, to take over studies at public universities and TVET sodalities.


Applying Ways and Means

You can apply for NSFAS study loan and scholarship is by filling the application form online. Fill out an Application form. publish it and shoot it to NSFAS by post.

Submit the following documents along with the operation form

  • Grade 12 Certificate
  • Copy of South African ID
  • Certified Copy of Bank Account
  • Parents’ income evidence
  • Registration Proof Registration at educational institution in South Africa
  • Copy of birth Certificate It should be certified
  • Evidence of Disability (if applicable) A letter from croaker attesting disability
  • Acceptance Letter It’s issued by the University or Colleges where you ’ve enrolled

SEE: Check NSFAS Application Status| How do I check my Nsfas Status?




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